Advice For Booking Cheaper Flights


It can be pretty annoying sometimes when you are trying to book flights online. First of all you have a get the destination and time that you want to fly, and then you are bombarded with choices to make.

  • Which airline?

  • What about baggage?

  • Do you need priority boarding?

The list goes on. Although budget airlines are fairly similar when it comes to pricing, if you do not book at the exact right moment, you might find that the price goes up. How many times have you been just about to click to book your flights, only to get distracted and come back to it later and find that the pricing has gone up. The price that the airlines choose to charge is seems to be a complete mystery to most of us.

If you want to try and make the process a little but more bearable, here are a few tips to help you get the most for your money, and hopefully stop you throwing your laptop into the TV in frustration.

Try Comparison Sites

There are quite a few airline comparison website which have sprung up lately, and these claim to be able to find you the lowest price available at any given time. Whether these claims are exactly true I don’t know, although it can’t help to give it a try can it? Some of the main players in this field are:

  • Travel Zoo

  • Sky Scanner

  • Travel Super Market


Most of the time you will have to register your details in order to find out the prices, so you might find yourself getting bombarded with adverts afterwards, but I suppose it is a small price to pay if they manage to save you a bit of money.


Check Voucher Codes Site

If you do not fancy registering your details, there is another kind of site where you might find discounts on flights from time to time. Most of the big airlines such as Easyjet, Jet2, Ryan Air and Monarch will issue discount codes each month and if you apply them before you book, you might be able to get a bit of money off if you are lucky. The main sites where you can find these codes are:

Unlike comparison sites, you will not have to register to get the codes, so it should be a little quicker. Plus even, if you can’t find any vouchers, you might come across a good special promotion on one of these sites.


Check The Airline Site

One thing that many people forget to do is to take a close look around the actual airline’s own website. Often they have deals hidden away on a page somewhere for people who are really eager to find them. You might not find them on the home page, because that is where you would normally search for flights, but if you dig around a bit, you might be surprised what you can find.